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This Is How I Found My Calling And Hope To Carry It Forward

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I grew up in a small community in Bhandup. But we were very much stable financially and socially as compared to others in the vicinity.

My mom isn't much qualified but she ensured that me and my sisters get the best education and we study whatever we wish to study. I was a very stubborn child in my childhood. I wanted everything that I liked and wanted everything as soon as possible.

Over a period, when I started mingling with people, exploring myself in the service of others, that was the time when I realised I am very fortunate and there are people who needed even the basics for their survival. Soon my nature of stubbornness started to change.

For a child who was stubborn and now to a teacher who is satisfied with whatever I have. I started my journey with Child Rights and You in March 2016. I never knew that this step of mine would turn into my passion of teaching and soon this passion would turn into profession.

I volunteered in schools and slum communities. I started mingling with them and realised that I feel more comfortable with them. Later, I met some friends who told me about Teach For India and I applied and luckily got selected.

The major reason for joining TFI was to understand the education inequity more deeply and contribute my bit towards better education. I started my journey as a teacher in April 2019. In the city of Bombay,

I came across families and students who are very different from each other. These families and children taught me the power of love and gratitude. They are now my extended family.

Teaching is one of the most difficult profession but one of the noblest ones. For me teaching is not about earning money, it's about building a life from scratch. The amount of love and respect that I get as a teacher I couldn't get it from any other profession. This is the best I could get as a teacher.
I always believe in Rising by Raising others.

Me along with my co-fellow always try to make our students understand and make them practice empathy, team work, collaboration. My aim is that my kids not only excel in academics but also be better human beings.

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