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I Found My Home In A Stranger In Bangalore, But He Had A Girlfriend…

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Hey, I’m Sejal from Delhi and currently reside in Bangalore. As I was born and brought up in Delhi, I never felt like I belonged there. But soon after 12th, when it was decided that for university years I'd be moving to Bangalore in 2019, I had no clue.

This city was new to me, and I was scared. Everything was new to me, yet I met someone who felt like home.

Jasvi, that’s not his real name, but definitely a combination of his and my name together. A couple name. Kiddish, right? 

When I first saw this guy, I felt as if I had known him for ages, but that’s impossible, right? But well unaware of the future, that feeling was giving me a sort of thrill and joy, yet I was not ready because my only purpose was to follow my dreams. 

For two days I continued to think about him, and later, when I was about to get over his thoughts, suddenly on Instagram, his ID popped up, out of nowhere! I asked myself, Should I Do This? (adding him) Is it a sign from the universe? Is it meant to happen? Why am I feeling so many emotions for just a stranger? 

All these thoughts were going on, and finally I clicked, and we got connected.

During the initial days, I used to feel as if he was watching over me via CCTV camera because whatever I used to feel, do, or even eat, he could tell. It was just like me listening to this song from Jalebi, Yeh tera mera rishta, and telling him, then him telling me about his on-going song from Awarapan, Tera mera rishta purana. Magical, isn’t it? 

Then the day came when my dad and brother visited me in Bangalore. The facilities provided in Hotel Hamilton were amazing, but not enough to distract me from them. It was Saturday morning, and I woke up with tears because I had a dream. In the dream, he was going out with some other girl! I was confused. Like why is this happening to me, what is this? Why such dreams and all? It kept me puzzled throughout the day, so I decided to avoid him! 

It was hard for me to digest the fact that it was love at first sight. Something I never believed in! That day, he kept asking me, “Are you okay? Are you sad?” Every time I felt a strange pull towards him, I controlled. 

After two days, as my dad was leaving for Delhi, I came back to the hostel. Then, out of nowhere, he told me how on Saturday he went out for a movie with one of his girls, a friend. I swear, if I had to describe that moment, it would be like OM shanti OM XD! I cried, and that cry wasn’t a normal cry, but it felt as if my soul was crying. 

Lol, firstly, he was still a stranger, and I’m crying like this. Still, the question was: WHY? But from that moment on, I realised that I liked him. For three months, we spoke daily, day and night, and it felt so different as if this was love.

Not like previously I never liked anyone, I did ! In the past, I did think that I was in love, but what I got to experience with Jasvi was beyond what I had experienced before. But yeah, for me, it was still a question: how is this possible? How is love at first sight possible? No, this can’t be true. 

I used to get goosebumps thinking about his eyes! He made me feel so many emotions I cannot even put into words. 

I always used to wonder how a human can become home to someone. But after meeting him, I got my answer! My family is definitely a beautiful home that I always have, but it’s amazing to realise how even a stranger can become your home. It hits differently. 

But… there was a little problem that he had a gf ! He used to talk to me, avoiding her. 

Somehow my heart had this strong belief that, no matter how many people come and go, we both will always be a big part of each other’s lives. 

Then one day my friend told him about my feelings, and that’s when things changed forever! I realised I actually loved him. This is love; he is my home. And from that day on, I got to believe that whatever may happen, we would meet and definitely find each other. 

And then, after two months in 2020, I finally got a chance to connect with him again; it was like magic. TO BE CONTINUED…

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