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When He Was Around, Time Flew Faster

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Quite often we hear many love stories on the web and around ourselves, but my story, I believe, is different.

I am a normal, very down to earth, happy-go-lucky kind of a girl. I've never had a relationship in my entire life. Although I'm only 20 years old. During school days, I was fat-shamed, so no guy was ever interested in me. In college as well the same thing happened- I was being body-shamed. And now I wonder how life changes. While I was being body-shamed, a part of me died on the inside, I lost my confidence, I started eating more, I felt ugly about myself. And then, I decided to join the gym and follow a strict diet chart. My gym completely changed my life as I was working out for the first time. I mean the weight training- I didn't have any knowledge about postures and all that. It was all very new to me.

My trainer worked really hard for me, and this is was the first time I fell in love with somebody. I worked out for almost 2 hours every day and those couple of hours with him were like 2 minutes! Time flew faster around him.

Well, coming to the point, I reduced a lot of weight in 4 months and then, I still continued to go to the gym. I was aware of the fact that trainers are supposed to be friendly with their clients because that is what they are supposed to do, and his being nice towards me made me fall in love with him. I couldn't really express my feelings towards him because I was afraid of being judged by society and friends, so I kept everything buried within me.

Everything was going smoothly and we had good conversations every day. But suddenly, he told me that he was leaving this job and going somewhere else. A part of me just broke down. I wanted to tell him everything but couldn't bring myself to do it. I wanted him to know that I loved him but I had no courage to speak.

Then one day, he was gone. He had left me. I finally exercised my last muscle of courage and sent him a message. I asked him "Why did you go? You were my first trainer and my life changed because of you. I enjoyed this so much."

And he replied to me, "People change, places change. That is the game of life. You get attached, but the bonds you make are temporary." I had no idea how to react to this. The only thing I could do was politely wish him luck. That was the last conversation I had with him.

I'm quite certain that I will never have feelings for anyone else like this. He was more special than I ever imagined that I deserved. I miss him, but love is not about being selfish. I did my little bit of sacrifice and let him go to his new life. I guess that's okay.

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