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I Was Sexually Harassed All My Life But It Didn't Always Start Physically

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Hell knocked on my door when I was 8 years old, in a boarding school. Hell came in the form of my principal who was from Kerala.

I still don't understand how he could do it. He had no children, so I thought he would treat me as his own kid. I was away from my family too, and I thought he could be a second father. But he waited for 6 years for me to grow up. By that time, he had made rules which prevented me from talking to any boys, even my own brothers. He turned all my classmates against me for no reason. My classmates tortured me, mentally abused me, and cornered me.

He deliberately failed me for 2 years so I could stay back for longer. Then he showed his true colours.

He started touching me inappropriately and sexually abused me. He would knock on my door at midnight, and ask me why I didn't open the door if it stayed shut. He sexually assaulted me in every way he could think of- grabbing me from behind, making me sit on his lap, touching me inappropriately, and talking to me about sexual things. So I decided to quit staying in the hostel and began travelling from home. He ruined my peace then also.

He insulted me for leaving the hostel and made my classmates convince me to come back. If I refused, they would mentally torture me and isolate me again. They had pleasure in doing that- they loved to punish, mishandle, and torture me. My principal 'advised' me to come back when I was fully grown so he could satisfy his desires with me.

That chapter ended there because I cut-off all contact with him and my classmates. But it still haunts me- I still have nightmares and become emotionally weak.

I started my college where I met an asshole. He was after another girl, and she 'escaped' by spreading rumours about him and me instead. That eventually resulted in my relationship with the said asshole. It was hell.

He used me and my money, and then later made fun of me with his friends by telling them stories they wanted to hear. He called me "bi***" and treated me worse than a dog. If some guy misbehaved with me, he wouldn't care at all. Instead, he used to tell me, "Handle yourself, bitch!" In due time, I starrted getting proposals from other men, but he manipulated me into rejecting them. I wish I hadn't.

And then he demanded one crore rupees for me to marry him. I broke up with him instead.

But his friends still give me hell. They constantly call me up and narrate the stories he said about me. I just wait for the day for karma to take its course and serve me justice. These guys have misused me enough. 

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