I Know You Hate Me Grandma But I Cannot Change My Gender For You

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 18 August, 2017

I am now an 18 year old college student living in Dubai with my family. This happened 6 years back, when my grandmother (dad’s mom) visited us.

I was shocked when she told me that she had wanted a baby boy when my mom was pregnant with me. She said she still feels the same way. She said that she had prayed for a boy at that time and that was the only time God hadn’t listened to her prayer.

I remember those days when I lived with her in India. She hated me. Even now, she never leaves an opportunity to disgrace me. Recently, when my aunt (my dad’s cousin) visited her, she told her so many bad things about me. She said that I was jealous of her brother’s kids and their money.

They also talked about my character and indirectly associated me with an uncle who is apparently my dad’s business partner. My dad has worked with this uncle for 15 years. From the day they started working together, they have fought only once and somehow that was because of me.

My parents trust me but it is not the same case with outsiders. Most of them still judge my character and blame my parents saying that I had a bad upbringing. But I think all this happened because of my own blood. She never gave me anything. Not even a 10 rupee note. But when my brother was born, I saw her doing the opposite to him.

Editor's Note:

Yes, girls have to fight their way out through such unfairness. They do so with grit and determination. They DO carve a space for themselves in this big beautiful world. But they also learn to define themselves instead of allowing such shallow people to define them. Come on girls – share this story if you feel so too.