I Followed His Orders Only Till I Thought It Was His Love But It Was Something Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 12 August, 2017

I was a girl who believed a relationship must have mutual understanding, care, trust, mutual respect and loyalty more than love itself, because a person cannot solely depend upon love alone.

When I found him I thought I had found my happiness. It's true that initially you feel everything is going awesome in your life with the person you love. I felt the same, I forgot myself completely when I was with him but you should know even those expectations of mine about relationships were forgotten.

He gave me a new definition of myself. There were several restrictions on my way of dressing, talking, eating. It didn't stop there, it even extended to the way I smiled. I didn't even have the mind to think that I was losing myself by being a toy in his hands. He gave me strict rules about my friend circle. If some stranger stared at me, it was assumed that I attracted him, then he'd yell at me in public for the sake of talking. Even to attend my own family functions, I had to take his permission. When he made mistakes, he was quick to divert from the topic but even when I was correct, I was humiliated. I experienced mental torture, which is as bad as physical harassment.

It was all normal till I realised he was being over-protective but assumed it was his way of expressing love.

Soon I started to realise it was only his obsession that pushed him to own me and not to love me. I ended that 3 year long relationship. Now I feel good for taking that step. No more humiliation, no more resisting the problems. I'd surely call it hell, jail and asylum.

Now, I'm an independent girl building her own empire. It was too foolish of me to change myself for someone. Some people say I'm afraid of getting into a relationship again but I don't believe them.

Author's Note:

Relationships are wrong only when you choose the wrong person, never ever try to sacrifice your self-respect for anyone in life. There are still people who are okay with the way they are treated. Maybe even someone reading this post maybe in the same situation and if you come across one, kindly try to understand them and make them realise they are not going in the right direction.

Love yourself first, don't try to be a slave and follow orders.