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Dear Woman: You Created The Monster, Now Don't Blame Them

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We have created a monster that is hard to control, both within ourselves and in the world. The exploitation has been outrageous, but we chose to be subjected to it, and now we scream and cry at what we have become and why.

Is it really so difficult to move away from the "Eve" factor? Beauty has nothing to do with the fairer sex, but we have been an epitome to this adjective since time immemorial.

Botox for fairer skin, silicone for voluminous breasts, fillers for thicker lips, enhancement pills for curvy buttocks and what not; it’s a raging war in the women’s cosmetic industries. But have we sufficed yet and woken up. The answer is No.

I have read several articles regarding how we women are trying hard to break the age-old myth of being not just paper dolls, and one of them was “dispelling beauty myths by growing body hair”. Yes, touchy! Agreed your man cannot dictate your beauty but check the hypocrisy in this monologue; who created the standards of beauty – women, not men.

Men perceive more that is visual, and cashing on this weakness, women seamed a deceptive curtain that has become difficult to tear apart. We only created this ignoramus world of fake industry that has become tough to destroy, but when men judge us on the same parameters, we are enraged. Over the years, on multiple forums, women have brandished and set standards that have become difficult to cope and many have been tried and tested in the same water as us.

The fairer sex is trying hard not to be dictated by what they had conceived and trying to change the mindset of men by evading them from that image and some industries are also channeling the same, but what I fail to understand is why blame men when we are the ones who created this monster; they only played along the rules made by us.

Women have been brought up as consumerists, always treated as the bait by the cosmetic industries. Industries have outlined our way of thinking and made it so monotonous that the moment we are body-shamed we flare up to act upon it, to show that it will not shelf us as being a photocopy of the millions who are tritely pushing open the same door.

Why is there chaos, why this push and pull?

We have all the knowledge and understanding about how we need to react, but in our narcissistic glory, silently chose to adhere to the set of rules. The truth is it is a vicious circle that we are living in. We did something that is awful to our sex and now reversing it has made us demons and shelving us in categories that are resoundingly humiliating in many ways. But ladies, it is time to stop the blame game and be free of these stale traditions, these idiotic symbolism that we have imprisoned ourselves in.

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