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Why Should Women Stay Hungry For Their Husband's Long Life When The Husband Refuses To Even Take Care Of Their Ill Health

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Why is a woman treated as a servant, in a marriage?
I am a working woman with a graduate degree and a nice salary package. I got married to a man whom I loved. We had a love marriage. We both are working but whole household responsibility is on my shoulders. My mother-in-law doesn't even help me in the morning in making breakfast, whereas I & my husband both have to rush to our offices and my dear husband wants his breakfast to be served to him on his breakfast table.

In the month of Feb 2020, I had a miscarriage due to this morning rush and a week after that my husband fell ill and was hospitalized. My mother-in-law at that same time went to Srinagar to be with her daughter posted there. I alone took care of my husband along with my mother while I myself was dealing with my miscarriage trauma. 

Thereafter, he was discharged from the hospital. I took care of him & he recovered fast. Later, in the month of July I got pregnant again with the grace of god. But still, no rest for me as his two elder sisters family visit us every now and then & I have to do the chores while being pregnant.

My pregnancy had some complications as my baby was low lying, but still there was no help from my husband nor my mother-in-law. Last week, I had severe leg cramps on my right thigh. It was so severe that I was not able to walk & was hopping with one leg but then also my mother in law didn't make breakfast. On that day also I only made breakfast.

After that day, pain was a little bearable so I was doing household chores & going to office also which due to Corona pandemic I have to go for couple of days in a week but when this Friday came, I again had severe pain in my right leg & still my mother in law didn't make breakfast nor my husband. I had to make it.

So when it came to washing dishes I did not because I was not able to stand. I told my husband to do the dishes. He nodded his head in yes, but he didn't. Then I decided to go to my mother's house or it felt like I would lose my leg & told my husband. Then my MIL started washing dishes.

Nevertheless, I booked an Uber & came to my mother's house and now I am feeling so angry at my husband. I took such good care of him when his mother left him in the hospital and went to Srinagar & when I needed him there is no support from him. A wife is a slave in a marriage or what? I am heartbroken right now & don't want to go back while I am 4 months pregnant.

Is this fair?


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