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What My Son Pranav Loves About His Influencer Life

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@panav_karira_8 is my son's Instagram handle and this is his story. Panav has always been an active kid; he started walking at just nine months and running in ten months. So, blogging was an excellent option to keep him engaged and occupied. Since then, he has received a lot of love and support from people. Yes, he was enjoying his fame and love. Now that he is relatively famous, he is happy about it, and he gets motivated to do good and inspires him to be a better human.

All of this started when I posted a couple of reels of his on my personal account, and people started suggesting I make an account only for him and start blogging because he is an amiable child and makes friends very quickly, which makes him very adorable. Even the youngsters or the teenagers are friends with him; they have a perfect bond with him. They used to make him dance, sing and act; then, when everybody started telling me to create an account for him, I thought of giving it a try. And finally, I launched him in April 2020, which has turned out to be a great experience.

He loves everything about being an influencer like people recognize him, and when someone praises him for what he does, he tries to do even better. 

So, the blessings and praises he gets for being an influencer is the best part about it. One more aspect of being an influencer is the collaborations he does; he loves doing collaborations with people, brands. Especially when people give him their products willingly to advertise them, it makes him very happy, and he feels satisfied.

The three essential things people need to know about this industry are; you have to post daily – at least one post per day is a must to get the audience's attention. Keep up with the trend – make reels on trending audios and songs that are popular. Last but not the least, your skills need to be really good – whether it's singing or dancing or even acting and you need to know how to communicate, whether it’s on live sessions or the comments, you need to know how to engage with your audience.

His favourite influencers are @sanchitstyle, aka Sanchit Chanana, and @pritiviraj1111, aka Pritiviraj Kongari. Both of them were finalists for the dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4. They inspire him to keep dancing.

Panav is like a blessing to me; he is everything to me. He knows how to attract someone, and he does it very well with his acting and chatter. I am grateful to everyone who has supported us until now and motivated him to do better.

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