This Poem About Parents Marrying Off Their Daughter To An 'Unnamed King' Should Break Your Heart

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 20 April, 2017

A beautiful little butterfly spread its wings,
To make a flutter n fly over sky,
With colourful and jubilating companions,
Bubbling, rejoicing to ride high.

Reaching the age of puberty,

Oblivious of hard stone onward,

At the threshold of losing liberty,
Never known about the experience awkward.

Some of the rights retaken and curtailed,

Making new orders and bounds horrified,
Throwing notion of being jailed,
Went on till the climax dreadful and outraged.

Money influenced time a peak,

Fluctuations in the marriage market.

There went on the groom side hike,
Demanding more bridal gifts, being the target.

Playing with two hearts the game of bluff,
Showcasing all my highlights.

The exchange took over as money as chief guest and stuff,

My ambitions dumped in sad plight.


Fearing of society gossips, relatives’ grumble,

I was sold and bought.

Suppressing the wishes and wants of a damsel,
Time and age playing their slot.

Unhappy for sending their priceless princess,

To be the queen of an unnamed king.
Happy for finishing the parental chores.

Sabotaging their girl's unscreened aspirations, never seen anymore.
Is this MAR(R)I(AGE)?