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How It Is To Not Understand Love Because You Hate The World

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*For representational purpose only.

I Hated You Then

Why as a 1-year-old I was left with a maid? 
Why couldn't I spend my childhood like the rest of the kids in laps of their mothers and shoulders of their dads?
I hated you world then!

When I had my maids around but not my ma.

I hated you world
When my friends would go home excited to talk about their days with their ma
While I just went to my TV and maids and computer games.

I wanted to discuss my teen issues with cousins or family, 

But all I had was a maid and presents coming from "family".

Not in person but only on letters,
Why didn't I have a normal family?

I hated you world for doing that to me!

Kids had birthday parties with friends and parents and presents,
I had all the presents and more coming.
But where were you, my cousins and parents?
I hated you world for taking them away from me! 

Now in my twenties when everyone talks of love to their loved ones,

I just don't know what love is. 

Nor a loved one to express it too.

I hate you world for making me so difficult to deal with and no one to hold hands with.

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