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My Arduous Journey To Becoming Mrs India Legacy

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Since I was a little girl, my heart has been filled with an unbridled passion for dressing up and strutting my stuff with the poise and elegance of a runway model. I would spend hours glued to the TV, lost in a world of glamour and beauty, dreaming of the day when I, too, could take centre stage.

But life's unpredictable turns led me down a different path, far from my cherished dreams.
My heart shattered into a million pieces when I lost my mother as a teenager.
The mere thought of coping with her absence was excruciating, especially while trying to keep up with my studies and manage the household. The emotional pain I felt was indescribable, running deeper than any physical wound.

In my early twenties, an arranged marriage was on the horizon. At 21, I stepped into the roles of wife and mother.

Fortunately, I found a life partner who didn't stifle my dreams; instead, he nurtured them. He saw my love for dancing and acting and encouraged me to pursue them, even as I managed household duties.
Every day, I set aside a precious hour to dance, a small act of self-love that kept my spirit alive.

For years, my life continued in this manner until the day I realised my children had grown into teenagers capable of handling their responsibilities.

That's when I decided to step out and chase the dream that had lived within me since childhood.

I embarked on a journey that led me to the Pearl Academy of Fashion, where I learned makeup techniques. During my graduation, I discovered the National Pageant Diadem, Mrs. India Legacy, and made the bold decision to compete.

With unwavering determination, I dedicated months to rigorous training, exercise, and dietary adjustments, all leading up to the grand finale, where I was crowned Mrs. India Legacy.

This incredible achievement elevated my confidence and opened doors to a world of exciting opportunities I never thought possible.
When I was selected to represent India at the Mrs. Universe pageant, I felt like my dreams had come true. I knew that was my chance to shine and make my country proud. Despite the three challenging rounds, I was determined to savour every moment and give it my all.

The first was the National Costume Round, where I poured my heart into representing India's rich heritage. In the forum round, I gave a presentation on domestic violence after visiting remote Indian villages and experiencing the plight of their women. I did everything I could to help.

The third round was the evening gown segment, and I chose to portray India's culture and beliefs with the powerful goddess Shakti as my inspiration.

My relentless months of hard work paid off when I was crowned Mrs. Universe Popularity on the global stage. The feeling was indescribable: a mother of two earning a crown on the world stage.
But more than that, it transformed my perspective on life. I realised that I could be an inspiration to other mothers who feel confined by household responsibilities and believe that marriage marks the end of their dreams. I want to prove to them that this isn't true.

They can achieve their goals regardless of their marital status. They have the power to make their dreams a reality.

One day, while in an office in Mumbai, I crossed paths with director Rasikh Khan. He noticed me and invited me to audition for a pivotal role in his upcoming movie.

Unprepared and unknowing, I auditioned, feeling like I was living in a dream. The audition went well, and to my astonishment, I was selected!

My childhood passion for acting was finally coming to life. When I shared the news of my movie debut at home, starring alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui, no one believed it at first. But soon, we were all celebrating my incredible achievement.
Now, I'm all set to star in Section 108 as the main suspect, alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Regina Cassandra. My character resonates with my empathetic and compassionate nature, a mix of both worlds.

As a wife, mother, makeup artist, entrepreneur, model, and actor, I've embraced each role wholeheartedly. My upcoming movie isn't just a debut; it's a reminder that dreams don't have expiration dates.

Through my accomplishments, I aspire to inspire my children and countless others who look up to me as a role model. As the cameras begin to roll in September, I am embarking on a journey towards my lifelong dream.

My upcoming debut not only marks me as the first Indian Mrs Universe Popularity to grace the silver screen, but it also serves as a symbol of hope and inspiration. I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and never give up on their dreams, no matter how big or small.

Let my journey remind me that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a little faith.

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