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The Relationship My Sister-in-law And Husband Share Left Me In Shock…

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I was in a love marriage; we met on a dating app. It was a casual chat.
We became friends and shared our numbers. We fell for each other instantly. But he was not sure, so he just disappeared for 6 months. I was hurt because I never felt for anyone before. I cried for months. But after 3 months, he reached out to me again.

I was surprised, but I was also afraid that he would leave me again. One day, out of the blue, he texted me to propose. I was happy because I never stopped loving him. We told our respective families. They agreed. And after a year, we got married. 

I was so happy that I married a guy whom I loved. I thought it was a perfect life.

Everything is perfect. I came from a middle-class family with values. One thing I hate is lying. I told him that whatever happens in our lives, we will be honest with each other. I told him everything about my past. And he appreciated my honesty. He knew I never lied. 

After marriage, my husband was my first priority. My world revolved around him. His mother consistently caused problems, and every time I apologised, whether right or wrong, he took her side, even his sister complained about me. One day, I found my husband and his sister having a secret conversation…
Every day, he used to message her. They both always kept calling and messaging. They were never apart. Due to her constant calls, I felt his attention towards me begin to wane, leaving me feeling isolated. However, one day, I resolved to uncover the truth. I checked my husband's phone, and what I read was shocking…

I saw they were talking about our bedroom things, the ones that couples do. She was asking him everything: "When we had sex, did your wife give you BJ?". She was asking for all the details, and my husband replied to everything. 
Everything that I will never share with anyone. So I confronted him, and he just lied. I asked him several times, but every time he lied. I was hurt. I felt like I should end this marriage. But I couldn't because I loved him, so I decided to give this another chance. But things didn't change. 

He and his sister never stopped. They both crossed their limits, again. 

I remember one incident: I entered my sister-in-law's bedroom and saw her changing her clothes, and my husband was right in front of her. I didn't react because I was a new bride, but it was shocking. 
My sister-in-law always interferes in our lives. If my husband didn't update her about our lives, she would complain to my in-laws, claiming that we don't care about her. Leading to my mother-in-law's arches and insults directed at me. I never had the courage to tell my mother-in-law about her kids. 

However, I reached a breaking point.

I realised I couldn't live like this. I told my husband that if he wanted our marriage to continue, he needed to set boundaries. But he disagreed, as he was afraid he would lose his sister and his parents. So I quit. I asked him for divorce.

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