He Took My Virginity Calling Me "His Girl" Before He Changed His Mind

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 10 August, 2017

Thank you dear love for cheating on me because you saved me, from yourself.

Life looks like a fairy tale story but in reality it's not. It's not always what you want or what you have always thought of, it gives you lessons for life that are sometimes opposite to what you had imagined. 

I was a sweet and a shy girl studying in the 11th grade when I saw him for the first time. The first impression was like he is full of attitude and too proud. But I didn't know the person I'd hated so much could change my life.

He made my best friend his girlfriend just to talk to me. When I started talking to him he broke up with her trying to act as if he was not happy with her.

He gained my sympathy like that. We became good friends as time passed and I didn't know when I started loving him. After a year of being friends, he proposed to me. I couldn't resist saying 'Yes'. I was very happy with him, our relationship saw many ups and downs but he was always by my side. A lovable guy. I met his real sisters and his cousins and they knew all about us.  

After 12th grade he went out for his studies and we were still in a long distance relationship. Happy and lost in each other. 5 years flew like a bird and we were planning our marriage now. We got intimate in the first year of our relationship as he made me believed that "I was his girl" and so he took my virginity. He came back home after completing his B-tech but still everything was normal between us. Suddenly his behavior started changing and without informing me he went back to doing his Masters and started ignoring me.

He stopped picking up my calls and one fine day he said to me that his mother knew about us and she had threatened him to leave me so he needed some time. I was mad in his love and I believed everything will be fine some day so I gave him space. I used to message him twice a day just to wish him good morning and good night. He never responded.


After 2 months I received a call from a girl and she questioned me about my relationship with him. She told me that he was her man and they had been living together for 2 months.

That call shattered me, I felt like killing myself. My world of dreams ended and on asking about the girl, he told me that it was a fake call but that girl was smart, she sent me all their private pictures and recordings. 

I asked him a hundred times but he never accepted his mistake. He broke my heart and left me after 5 years of our relationship just because that girl was rich. 

It's been 8 months now and I never called him again but I still love him madly. I will never forget him but at the same time, I don't want him back in my life. Every time I see him even accidentally, I feel broken.

I went into depression and was on bed rest for 3 months but he didn't care. His sisters supported me and fought with their own brother.

Author's Note:

If Hima*** you're reading this, I want to tell you that yes I still love you, irrespective of what you did. And I want to thank you that you broke my heart before our wedding. I told me family about you and they supported me when I suffering from depression.

Thank you that my life got saved, it would've been had I married you.