He Threatened To Kill Me If I Left Him And That's How I Became His 'Property'

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 8 April, 2018

I was in my first year of college when I met this guy on Facebook. He sent me his first message in January. But I replied to him only after a week. We started talking, and one fine day he proposed to me.

We belong to different religions so I wondered if things would work out for us. I hesitated before giving him a reply. He then gave me his number. But I didn’t contact him. But I started missing him after a few days, so I sent him a message on WhatsApp. We then started talking to each other all through the day and night. He promised me so many things. He said he loved me a lot and wanted to marry me. So finally I accepted his proposal in March.

I was still scared about our future but decided to go ahead with our relationship.

Things were perfect in the beginning. He asked me to talk to his mother and his friends. He assured me of his loyalty and said that he was different from all the other guys.

I was living in a love-filled bubble and felt happy when we met, went out for movies and lunch dates.

But my fairytale romance was short-lived. After a few days, he took me to a hotel room. I did not know that he was planning to take me there. It was meant to be a surprise for me.

He then forced himself on me. I started screaming and begged him to stop but he didn’t listen to me. So finally I just had to give in.

We had not even dated for one month. But he raped me. Sadly, at that time I did not realize that the issue was actually so serious.

I loved him so much that I could not say anything to him.

I was shocked when he physically abused me like that, but I couldn’t do anything about it either. I was crying for days after this happened.

I couldn’t walk properly for a week.

But a week after this happened, he started ignoring me. He stopped receiving my calls. He would see my messages but would never give me a reply. He would then reply once in ten days, and even then he would only abuse me verbally. I tried to fix our relationship. I met him again, but he ended up abusing me physically again and then started ignoring me.

He then called me an emotional and clingy b*t*h.

I belong to a well-educated upper-middle-class family. But when he treated me like that, I felt so cheap. It was as if I satisfied his ego. He continued to abuse me. He would then belittle my family, my community and my educational background too. He would do this in front of other girls and all my friends. They would then think that he was the victim. They even thought that I simply did not belong to his ‘class.'

I was depressed when he did such things to me. I cried every night. I then realized that he had lied to me about his family background. He told me that he was shifting to Lucknow. I was shattered. I begged him to stay but he left anyway. However, he came back into my life again after a month.

He called me up and said that I was his property. He said that he had the right to use me whenever he wanted to and that I could not leave him. He threatened to kill me if I dared to leave him.

I then came to know through other sources that he had never gone to Lucknow. In fact, he was having sexual relationships with other women too. He had even tried to hit one of my friends. Now he started spreading rumours about me. So no one trusted me.

All my friends now thought of me as an ‘attention seeking and sex craving b*t*h.

This continued for a year. He would leave me, then come back and ask for forgiveness. Then he would leave me again saying that I was nothing in front of him.

I would shiver whenever he called me. I would cry out of fear. I felt numb. I could not dare to disobey him because I feared that I would lose him.

Finally, after more than a year, I realized that only I could help myself out of this situation. So I just left him without arguing with him about anything. He continues to message me. He says that he is married to an elderly woman now. It is quite clear to me that he is lying. But he also says that he wants me back in his life.

I still shiver and cry whenever he texts me. It is like a disease which doesn’t leave me.

I regret not listening to my parents now. They had warned me about him. I still can’t forget him. But I will never be able to forgive him too. This was the worst thing that I had ever experienced in my life. And the worst part is that I am still scared of him. I am scared of trusting men now. He had damaged me emotionally. I wish I could be the happy and ‘innocent’ girl that I had been before I met him.

Editor's Note:

At the root of all our bitter experiences and struggles is some deep-seated fear that needs to be addressed. Only when we work on our fears will we grow as a person. Maybe we should learn to listen to our intuition more often. Maybe it is our intuition that is goading us to fight for our inner peace. Do share this story if you too believe that it is our duty to take charge of our lives and our peace.