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Dear Best Friend, I’m Glad My Girlfriend Broke Your Heart.

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You have a lot of nerve calling me after two years. Why?

To get back to me. It's funny to me because it wasn't me who cheated. It was you. And that's with my best friend. It wasn't me who broke up. It was you. It wasn't me who said that I didn't want to see your face. It was you. And it wasn't me who tried to contact you. It's you. 
 Let me ask you a question: don't you have self-respect? What kind of women are you? 
Can't you keep your word? I know we had a five-year relationship, and I don't know about you, but I loved you back then, but when I found that you were cheating on me with my best friend. 
I found it hard to look at you. And you, instead of owning your shit. You blamed me. You brought your crocodile tears and turned my friends against me by spreading baseless rumours about me. 
Even my family was disappointed in me. What did you think before calling me that I would forget? Ha? You might not have self-worth.

But I know exactly who I am. All I care about now is myself, and all my loved ones who doubted me when you spread those rumours are no longer in my life. 
 And now, when I'm doing well in life and happy, you want to hear from me. You are concerned for me. Well... I told you on the phone yesterday, and I'm telling you right now for the world to hear it. 
Do not call me again. Do not try to repair which is already dead. I am done with you. I don't want you to hear your voice, and I mean it. I have nothing against it. It's just that you don't exist for me anymore. You have disappeared from my life, and I love it.

And you, my supposed best friend. Thank you for showing your true nature because I never thought that you would do something like this. Since 2009, we have been tight. Remember what they used to call us in school. Jai and Veeru. 
 I was Jai, the quiet one, and you were Veeru, the hothead. You used to get pissed off whenever someone tried to mess up our friendship. What happened, man. Your b***s fall off?
Oh, right, you gave those on lease to my bi****. You know what? When I saw you in my room with my girl in 2020, I wasn't mad at you or her. I was mad at myself for believing in you guys. 
I got the impression that you liked my girlfriend, and I was ready to walk away from that relationship for you because you were more important to me than her. But instead of talking to me, you melted when she started flirting with you. At least you had remorse for what you did. But I can't forgive you. 
 But I don't have to fight you. You are just like a black scar in my life. I might talk to you but don't expect anything more. 
Also, I want to ask. How's she doing?

Oh right! I heard what she did to you. You should have been more careful.

Didn't you learn from me?

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