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Sit Up And Take Responsibility Before It Is Too Late

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*For representational purpose only.

When all of this is over, let’s sit back & think where did we go wrong?

What seems like a never ending crisis, where did it even come from?

When all of this is over, you can breathe easy & free.  Don’t we owe the same to this nature, shouldn’t we just let her be?

The World has come to a stand still, to save us from our own doings,

When all of this is over, can’t we pause a wee bit here & there to save the world that we have been ruining?

Offices, school & hotels, sports, parties & matinee Shows..  We lived without them this time, doing it again is possible & how? We know!!

Stop looking for cures for self inflicted pain, when we will turn back & come back here again.

All the struggle, turmoil & triumph, all of this goes in vain...  Let’s try not to land here again, let’s not have a next time.

Build the World into a better place, let’s flourish together & embrace the sunshine. Freedom comes at a high price, higher price we have paid for Life.

Let’s not throw it away now, when we have fought so hard to survive. When all of this over, let’s NOT sit back & think.

We ought to do something now, do something before, all of it is over & there is nothing left to Cure!!

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