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We’re Here Making A Difference, One Child At A Time…

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Although I am not their biological mother, I have become a mother figure to more than 200 children. 

It all began during my visits to the temple to light diyas every Saturday. One day, a few kids from the temple area approached me, begging for money. Instead of turning them away, I asked if they attended school and if they would be willing to study. To my surprise, a couple of them eagerly agreed.

Growing up in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, I saw how many kids couldn't go to school because of their families' struggles.

It really touched my heart. That's why I decided to start an NGO, i.e. Sudeeksha Nai Raah Foundation, to help. I wanted to give these children a chance to learn and succeed, no matter their background. 

Starting wasn't easy—people doubted us, and resources were scarce. But every challenge made me more determined. Education is a powerful tool, and I wanted to share that power with those who needed it most. Today, our NGO, Sudeeksha Nai Raah Foundation, is changing lives, opening doors to a brighter future for kids in our community.

The journey was not easy. The place where I started our educational work was known for its difficulties, especially because it was a red-light area. When I talked to parents about sending their kids to school, they were wary of me, thinking I might have ulterior motives. But when I visited the homes of the women in the area, I discovered something heartwarming—they genuinely cared about their children's education. They welcomed our efforts and supported us wholeheartedly.

Despite the challenges and doubts, their trust gave us hope and strength. It showed me that every parent wants the best for their child, no matter the circumstances. Together, we started making a difference, one child at a time. Building this trust wasn't quick or easy, but it was crucial. It taught us the importance of understanding and respect in our work. 

Today, we continue to work hard, knowing that with people's support, we can create opportunities for all children to learn and thrive, regardless of where they come from.

As our NGO, Sudeeksha Nai Raah Foundation, started gaining attention, we uncovered a serious problem. A person from the locality was exploiting young girls who were vulnerable and in need of protection. Our team worked tirelessly, gathering evidence to stop this injustice. I reached out to our district magistrate for help. With their support and the dedication of our local police, we were able to get our case filed. I'm thankful for our police—they really care about our community and have been there for us every step of the way. But the people kept calling me names and destroyed the place where I used to teach the children, but I didn’t lose my spirit.

This experience showed me that standing up for what's right isn't always easy. 

It took persistence and determination to ensure that these girls received the justice they deserved. Throughout this journey, I drew inspiration from my father, whose unfulfilled dreams fuel my determination, and most profoundly, from the innocent children who are denied the basic right to education. Their unwavering spirit motivates me every day. 

Our NGO's Sudeeksha Nai Raah Foundation mission is clear and unwavering: every child deserves an education.

We start with foundational learning and progress to school admission, even offering skill training to older girls for employment opportunities.

We have started children's admission to the school so they can properly study. We have also started skill centres for improving the lives of children and underprivileged women in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

When I first received recognition for our work, it was beyond gratifying—it's been a testament to the countless hours of dedication poured into each child's future. When I saw my story in the newspaper, I was beyond happy, and so were my family and friends. Their pride mirrored my own, reminding me that our efforts were making a tangible difference. Winning the Youth Soch Award and the Uttar Pradesh Gaurav Samman further solidified our commitment and brought much-needed attention to our cause.

As I look towards the future, my dreams for our NGO swell with hope. I envision enrolling another 100 children in schools and creating a dedicated skill centre for older girls. Despite facing significant financial hurdles, our resolve to provide every child with unwavering support and opportunities remains steadfast. 

The road ahead won't be easy, but with the growing awareness and support of our community, I am confident that together we can turn these dreams into reality—transforming lives and building a brighter tomorrow for those who need it most. These children are like my own; I love them deeply and am always there for them. Their smiles motivate me to work harder every day.

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