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Our 10-Year Relationship Meant Sh*t To Her, This Is How She Asked Me To Leave…

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“Please don't go,” I begged.

“I will have to. Understand it," she said.

“What do I understand? The 10 years of relationship don't mean a sh*t for you. I loved you, Shanu. I can't live without you.” I almost cried in front of her.
“I loved you too, Ricky," she said, but it's time to be practical.

“Love alone is not enough to live a life happily. I have dreams. I want to fulfil them,” she said with a sigh.

“I will die; don't do this to me,” I said, my hands trembling and shivering in front of her.

I was trying my best to make her change her decision, which I knew she would never do.
I have loved her with all my heart, and she has too. I was not able to understand what had happened over the past night.

“I got to see a patient. I will get back to you, she said while standing and adjusting her stethoscope.

She came back with a smile. That smile, which I always admired, made me tremble with fear this time. That smile meant something was wrong. Something that I would not be able to handle.
“It's time you moved on. I won't come back to you, and you will be fine in a few months. Things will go smoothly,” she said, putting her hand over mine.

I broke down with tears flowing.

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