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If Giving Yourself A Second Chance Didn't Work, Then You Need To Read This

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We face thousands of situations and we think, oh I passed through it before, it’s fine. We think we are strong. People see us and judge us. They think we are strong. Sometimes we even inspire a few. But there comes a turning point that just shakes you from inside. Sometimes you just take a lot of time to bounce back from that effect. Some people don't survive. We think how insensible it is to end life. But it’s not their fault. It's not an easy job to “survive”. But it is worthy. The quotes, the proverbs that we read, those are very true. People write them when they go through such life-altering situations. So trust them. Life is never easy, but we should not stop living it.

Just try hard, may be a bit harder than you want to, but trust yourself. Someday, you will be fine and you will be resilient enough to face whatever comes your way. Start with planting a tree, help people smile, spend time with children.

Try something which makes space within the chaos of your silence. The silence that has trapped you. Try to shut yourself when you overthink, give time to yourself. Just for a moment try not to think anything that takes you back to the memory lane, which surrounds you with darkness and pain. I understand well how tough it is but if we want to come out of it, we have to help ourselves. Because in the end, nothing will last other than you yourself. It’s not easy but it’s worth trying. It is worthy because the new version of yourself will be the hero you can trust. My friend! If you are reading this, trust me I have also passed through a storm, maybe the intensity is maybe may be it is more for some. But we have walked on the same road. So, I am saying these things out of my experience. I have read many articles, searched a lot to overcome this feeling.

So I want to help you. You are not alone feeling like this. There are a lot many of us.

We can make a difference by surviving this storm. And yes, we can do it. Just try to renew yourself. There are a lot of things to learn and to do. Just pick any thing and build up yourself. You are important. You need to live. You can be happy again. Because your story will end the day you put a full stop on it. No one else holds the pen. There are people out there who can help you out. Just try reaching the correct person. Try speaking up about this and trust the people who listen, who stay.

Give life a chance, may be second may be third may be a 7th chance. But don't fade away. Someday somewhere there will be someone who will say to you, “I will be there”. If you don't find anyone outside, search within yourself.

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