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I Met Him When I Was 18: I Thought It Was A Joke Until He Said Something That Changed My Life

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As a fresher in college, I met with the love of my life.

I was a fresher in college when I first met him. He was my classmate, my lab partner. I used to copy his notes and I did all the experiments with him.

It was a perfect fit. Him and I. I could feel it. 

Back then, I didn't know, it would turn into something so permanent. We were just friends. Who used to Whatsapp every night. He used to make me laugh like I had never laughed before. He used to hide my phone sometimes, do things just to annoy me, like school friends do. We were the most fun people around when we were together.

But one day, all of a sudden, he confessed his feelings for me. He said "I love you" and that too, just before a college trip.

I was confused. When he said those words, I didn't know what just hit me. It was a one day trip and everyone was so excited. That night, I was dumbstruck. Because of the shock, all I could manage was, "Meet me tomorrow". Next day whenever I saw an opportunity to talk to him privately, he would bring a crowd with him. Every time I'd approach him, he'd turn his back on me. I didn't know how to feel about that. 

So I assumed that his confession was just a prank, after all he was running away from me. So I let the confession pass and let him be. 

That day, every time I saw him, I actually noticed him for the first time. I saw him the way I didn't get a chance to before. He'd do the nicest things for everybody. Offering his seat, giving food to the needy, making everyone laugh.

I was never the sort of person who gets attracted towards good looks. My poison was always the person's personality and demeanour.

I kept falling for him harder every time he did something nice and kept getting sad over the fact that he didn't talk to me anymore. What hurt more is that it felt like what he said was just a big mistake for him.

But towards the end of the trip, he sat next to me. My heart was pounding fast. Shy, at first, he didn't say anything. Both of us were quiet. Then both of us said, "About last night" and laughed. I guess I didn't need to say anything more to him.

But he said it anyway. He said, "I am so sorry, I got scared of how you will react. But I do love you very much." And I just reached out for his hand and held on to it without saying a word.

When I reached home, I sent a text, "I love you too!" And that was the start of a new beginning. It's been 7 years since that day. And we are all grown up now. The one thing that has really changed now is that he isn't scared anymore. I am not shy anymore.

I guess I was just lucky that I found my best friend, boyfriend and my husband when I was just 18.

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