I Had An Arranged Marriage After 4 Days Of Meeting My Husband: This Is My Story

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 29 May, 2017

I was working as a lecturer in a college in a city away from my parents. One day my mother called me and told me about a guy named Aadi who belonged to a well reputed family. I got to know that he was looking after his family business.

My mother seemed inclined towards meeting his family and getting to know each other well. I wasn’t interested and declined her request. Finally after half an hour of discussion, I agreed to meet.

Our families met on the very next day. The meeting went well. Everything happened so soon that I preferred going with the flow. I was comfortable and happy. We were then asked to talk to each other to know each other.

I knew it was a very short duration to decide anything based on such a small conversation. We discussed about our hobbies and dislikes. We had the same Engineering background. He was quite impressive. I guess he liked me too.

I also talked to his mother who told me about Aadi’s elder brother who was settled in the U.S. We had a delightful conversation. I was nervous but somehow managed to keep a smiling face on all this while. She requested for a few pictures of mine. I also clicked a few pictures with Aadi. The meeting at their house concluded with us sharing our numbers.

I was curious to know as to what was running in her mind. I had liked the family as well as Aadi but it was too early to make a decision about the wedding.

On the way back home, I got a call from his mother. I picked up the call and she asked if we reached home. I conveyed that we will reach in a while. She asked to call her after reaching home. She wanted to talk to my mother.


As discussed, I messaged her after reaching home. She called me up, we had a casual 'Good night' conversation. I don’t know what else I could name it. She was sweet and polite. At that moment, all that I needed was a ‘Good night’ sleep.

The next morning was Sunday, nearly 11 a.m. My phone rang and it was surprisingly Aadi’s mom. She wanted to talk to my mom. I handed over the phone to her. Very shortly, the elders in the family talked to each other and took things forward.

Exactly four days after our very first meeting, we were all set to get engaged. Sounds crazy. Right?

We both were conscious, surprised, shocked and all such emotions that I could possibly try to sum up. Finally the rings were exchanged. It was an official ‘Yes’. I wondered how I was convinced in just four days. But I was happy! I got lucky. It's been more than a year since I got married. We are blessed to have each other by our sides.
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