Everyone Who Thinks Making Money Is Success: Stop Doing What You're Doing And Read This

Vrishti . Vrishti . in Let's Face It on 29 December, 2016

No, I do not have a problem with the people who think like flocks. So don't get me wrong. 

But, those who trace the vicious path of graduating from a reputed college and then opt the safe road of higher studies only to end up with a well-paying job, all in the name of security. As if the route to success is fixed. How insecure are these people about what they want to do and what they want to build?

I have a problem with the infectious impact they create when a few of them do achieve success. Just because the next 10 years of their lives are set. Join an MNC, get a fixed promotion and increase in pay every year, get a free MBA degree from a reputed university on a condition that you'll continue working at the same company for another 3 years. If this is success, yes they get success and then they spread it like wildfire. 

I have a problem with how their existence defames us, the dreamers, when we want to change the track.

It's like a poisonous plant they keep growing in their head and then shed the pollens right where we are about to take a leap of faith. These seeds are in the form of questions like,

“What will you do next?"

"Will there be enough money for you to support the family"


"What if you fail?"

That's when I put forward my doubts, "What if I regret never trying tomorrow?", "What if I died a billionaire if...?", "What if mediocrity is not enough?"

I wonder how a person can survive in a society where the measure of success is money and where work satisfaction is just another word. Has the pursuit of happiness always been this easy — a degree from an outstanding college to end up with a fat pay cheque? Is THAT the big dream?

No wonder, the soul cannot survive, because every time it wakes up to stir the conscience, people get scared. Too scared to face the truth that their brush strokes are way more beautiful and clearer than their power point presentations. And believe me, the soul does show signs of death. It's in the anxiety of the work it does every single day.

It's when it stalks that singer friend who went on and became a youtube sensation. It's on days when it finally questions itself, "Are you even happy?"

It's those hidden moments when you see a friend achieving his/her dream that makes you realise yours. But most of us never dare to take that leap of faith. We are either too young or too old to do it. Some think they still have time, settling down is the priority and then stepping into the unknown is like a future plan. By the time they settle, they realize it’s too late to change the track. The newly found responsibilities as an adult seem to carry way more weight, don't they?

But is this the real meaning of life? You don't know. This cliché course of education, earning, making a family and then teaching exactly the same lesson to your kids. Asking them to get inspired by the fellow neighbour's kid who earns a handsome sum in a multinational company and keeping them far away from the last benchers who dream of becoming artists someday.

And it's not your fault, what you teach your kids. Our education system is only too shallow, it teaches us almost everything but to follow our dreams, the one purpose of our existence. 

Deep down inside, people antagonise the conflict in their heads as they fool themselves by believing in their 9 to 5 routine and still feeling jealous of all those who went ahead and recognized their dreams.

A few dreamers, wanderers, however, keep looking. They feel lost, even weird, like they do not belong in a world of "successful" stereotypes. But the point is, they are not the real failures because they had the guts to leave the comfortable life and fight the actual battle of following their passion, now that’s courage.

They believed in something and did not let the world get to them. Their light makes the people around, look up to them in awe.

So I ask, to keep the fire igniting and reaping the soul, isn’t that real success?

Isn't MADNESS truly the GENIUS?