Dear Mother-in-law: I Am Not Your Competition, Please Grow Up

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 20 April, 2017

Dear mother-in-law,

I am not your competition, please grow up.

1. I am not here to rule on your dynasty.

I know this is your house and understand that you have given all your time in turning it into a home. But I didn't barge in, your son is legally married to me so I also have equal rights to live like family. Refrain yourself from making me realise that I am an outsider and have no say in any household chores.


2. Taste varies: You like it loud, I prefer it to be more subtle.

According to you, red, green, yellow and pink are auspicious colours but monochrome is my preference. I can make my own choices for my clothes. Advice and suggestions are welcome but at least don't enforce your choice on me. Moreover if you like my choice, please be little more courteous and tell me. I will shop for you with love.

3. I am not turning your son in to a labourer.

If your son drinks a glass of water on his own, that will not transform him into Mohammad Kaif from Inzamam-lu-haq. He helps me out of his love and affection in the same way as your better half does it sometimes. Then why so many satires if he does?

4. Stop spying and peering in all the time

I know you eavesdrop when I am over phone calls. You want to keep track of every single activity happening around me. This has happened plenty of times when you have cross questioned me about my calls and every step I take. You have all the rights to ask me but not as James Bond.

I am looking for a mother in you and please, you also consider me as your daughter. We both can help each other in exploring new interests. I am here to share, not snatch.

Yours hopefully Xx