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Thank You Netflix And YouTube For Keeping Me Sane After My Boards

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*For representational purpose only.

My story is not quite extraordinary but is indeed worth telling.

Our batch, much like others, suffered from this pandemic drastically as our board exams kept getting canceled. For the longest time, I hoped to see better days, alas, not to be! With time, I realised that there was no hope of things ever going back to how they initially were. I had so many plans in my head to carry out right after the board exams but to no avail.

Also, right before quarantine, I had undergone a heartbreak which only added to my mental misery in such times. I soon found myself living in a doomsday with so much chaos and nothing to look forward to in life.

I even felt unworthy of true love and caught myself falling prey to anxiety, stress, and borderline depression. I even refused to opt for human contact and preferred to be left alone. However, my story doesn’t end here!

They say that OTT platforms have been a boon to the citizens in these horrendous times. Well, I couldn’t agree more. Netflix has been my one true respite for its content helped me cheer up and start looking forward to life in baby steps.

I then started exploring myself and profoundly thought of developing a hobby. Moreover, I want to normalise the fact that not everyone is a painter, writer, dancer, or singer, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be yourself and gradually find what feels good!

Soon, I started watching YouTube videos on makeup, styling, and fashion, and one day, I tried my first makeup look. That picture got a spellbinding engagement from people. I felt so good after months.

I then decided to try my hands on makeup. It’s not even been a year already, and I have 1800 followers on Instagram (began with just 500 followers). This journey also includes my collaboration with a clothing brand. Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but to me, it feels nothing less.

My story isn’t the coming-of-age story that feels any different, but my story might be an affirmation to someone reading this on a gloomy lockdown Monday. Trust me, it gets better, and you are your own ‘true’ love. 

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