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Neev Was 4 Months Old When We Got Stuck In India Because Of The Lockdown

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Let me tell you a short story about Neev. I started uploading his posts for fun on a private account, but we switched to a professional account as many of our friends and relatives suggested we go with the trend and reach more people on Instagram.

Neev enjoys the attention and love he gets. His cuteness has won thousands of hearts, and hopefully, he will go on to win millions of hearts going forward. He is still growing and has a long way to go.

Neev was only four months old when the lockdown happened, and we had to stay back in India as flights to the UK were unavailable. Hence, we started capturing some of his unforgettable memories and uploading them on our social media accounts.

After this, we created his account, as our friends and family suggested to us, and thus started the journey of exploring the world of baby influencers.

As we travel a lot, it is fun to shoot at various locations. That’s our favourite, being an influencer. Enjoying the process and living these great memories feels incredible! Though it is challenging to cater to both; the international and Indian audiences at times, finding the balance is great.

But, at times, we end up not posting anything for a few days as we do not wish to force Neev for anything. We let him do whatever he wants and create content from that.

From my experience, the three suggestions would be; enjoy the process - it is a journey that needs to be enjoyed. Don’t think of the results, slowly but steadily; you will grow and never stop learning as it is necessary to stay at the top. Engage with your audience - know what your audience likes because people with the most relatable content are the ones who are successful in this field.

You don’t necessarily need to run behind trends – create your own trend; it takes just one post to go viral; you won’t even think which post will go viral. So, be patient and keep creating original content.

Varun and I are full-time working professionals, and because we live in the UK, we have no extra help or support. Neev too goes to daycare thrice a week. So, after work, we spend time together, and if he is in a good mood, we create short content as long content takes more time because we need more setup, so we keep that for the weekends.

As Neev is growing up, he understands, and that makes it easy for us to shoot. We capture his smile and cuteness on videos and photos that do the job and gain more audience organically.

Our favourite blogger is @babymahira because of the way she styles up and posts original content. We are grateful for all the love and support Neev has received to date and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this little man I call my son.

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