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My Dear Media, Only You Can Help Us Get Through This: Please Try A Little

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Media owners,

I, and majority of people like me, at this point of time are genuinely not interested to know about who is leading the elections in which state, and in getting every minute update of the same.

It would be more helpful if you could inform us, in which hospitals across the country, there are available beds, where we can get our patients admitted. It would be of great help to us, if you could share the numbers of the places where oxygen cylinders are available.

You would save many lives, if you could share the data on a hourly basis on where all the important medicines are available. It would be life saving for many if you could share a list of the plasma donors on a regular basis. We are interested to know from a credible source that where all the vaccination is being done.

With great power comes great responsibility. If media can be a bit more sensible towards the current situation, then there would be the much needed relief in the panic that has been created in the country right now. 

Other than showcasing the things that is creating a panic, provide the solution as well. Provide the information of the resources that could help a person struggling for life.

Rather than thinking about the TRP of the channel at this point, take the charge. Else, other than covid, people will start dying of depression and panic. They are already locked inside their houses, and social media is more than enough for them to see the struggles and grievances of the people across.

Don’t let social media become the mainstream media in the country. We always have a tendency to universalise things. If there is a shortage at one place, there would be a place where the required essentials are in bulk to save a life. Inform the people about that.

Yes. Reporting what is happening around is important but only giving a negative picture to the people of the country is wrong.

There is a majority of the patients recovering with the help of home isolation, regular medications. Tell this to others. Share their stories as well. Share required information, share hope, share the stories of people who

Let every citizen of the country feel that they are not alone. Let the people of the country also feel that there are not just painful things happening in the country.

Tell them that there are people who are going back home as well after being treated. Make the people feel that, "This too shall pass”. Make people feel that we are all together to fight this back and come out as a strong nation.

Yours restlessly,

A helpless citizen of India. 

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