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We May Not Have Ended Up Together, But She Made Me Believe That True Love Exists

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Sometimes, we can’t predict where our life goes. We try to manage it with all our heart and soul but we don’t get the breakthrough we look for.

When I was in college, I decided to join an English institute.

In the beginning, I found myself very dull and was unable to translate even a single sentence from Hindi to English.

But I decided that no matter what happens, I will not give up. I was too curious to know about this language.

I was quite confident that one day I will learn to speak, read, and write English. As days passed by, I utilised my time productively and got myself completely involved in learning.

Gradually, I started to get a good hold of the language.

My trainer helped me very much. In the absence of my teacher, I used to take out some time for other students and used to teach them English. It continued for long.

One day my destiny came into effect when two girls joined the institute. I knew one of them; she used to live near my house. But the second one was very much impressed by my talent and she would constantly praise me. She always called me a brilliant guy.

I don’t know how but I developed feelings for the second girl. After gathering some courage, I confessed it to her.

She promised to take some time to think about it but it was clearly visible that she had fallen for me too. Her emotions showed it all. But a twist came in between.

She told me that her friend, who was my neighbour, loved me too. She had shared her feelings for me with her.

Truth be told, I loved her friend too but never tried to say anything.

When she revealed it to me, I appreciated her and apologised it to her. I also asked her not to mention her friend anything about how I shared my feelings with her.  

Now, her friend, the one who was my neighbour, was pressurised to express her feeling to me. But she took a lot of time to do that. I waited for quite long. I was all emotional in her love. I became crazy for her.

I kept talking to the second girl to make her realise that I really loved her friend. And asked her to tell her friend otherwise I will commit suicide. She tried to bring us closer and finally, one day, the neighbour girl came to me and I openly said ‘I love you.’ I even told her that I knew that she loved me too and that she had shared it with her friend but she pretended and gave me some excuses.

She told me that she loved me too but she was quite helpless for some reason and we never got together. And I respected her feelings.

Now, I am 41 years old and married with two kids, living in India. And she is married too in Dubai and has two wonderful kids.

Sometimes, I wonder that if she already knew there was a problem and we couldn't stay together, why she confessed her love for me to her friend at the first place.

I sacrificed for her. When she shared her problems with me, I happily accepted our fate because I knew she was right in her place. It has been 17 years now but I still feel love for her.

But now I know that true love exists.

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