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To The Guy Who Broke My Girl: I'll Make Her Forget All The Pain, I Promise You That

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To the guy who broke my girl,

From being my friend to best friend to now being a girl whom I love a lot, she has been everything to me. You could have been in my place had you known how to value that beautiful soul of hers.

You were her first love, it's said that first love is one of the most beautiful moments in life, but unfortunately you made it a moment that shattered her for the rest of her life.

All this time she had been keeping those tears of pain inside her while watching her love breaking into pieces right in front of her eyes. The day she finally believed that she could trust me, she decided to release her pain that was a secret for way too long. They brought me to tears, how could you even move on with your life after giving her so much pain.

How could you not see the 'pure love' she gave you every time she met you? How could you break the innocent soul by faking stories just to get sympathy, which she used to fall for always just because she believed in you so much. How could you even thinking of raising your hand on her despite all her love and care? 

You did it because you knew she would stick around no matter how much you put her through. You took her for granted. But let me tell you, you lost one of the best girls anyone could ever have.

The girl whom you termed as the "worst friend", she has been my best friend for years. The girl whom you called "ugly", she holds the tag of 'the cutest girl' every time someone sees us together. The girl whom you called the "worst girlfriend", she has forgiven you for all the things you put her through, it's obvious that she has a heart like none. 

A day came where you happily shared the story of your new girlfriend with her. Not even for a moment did you think of how the already broken heart of hers would feel hearing this story of yours. I wish I could have been right next to her that day, I would have not let a tear drop from her eyes.

The mental and physical torture you showered on her haunts her till date, it barely allows her to open her heart and accept my love for her. Her eyes are filled with pain that overshadow the tales of happiness she would want to experience, she fears taking them out, one bad experience has had a drastic effect on her.

There will surely come a day where I will replace all her tears of sadness with tears of happiness, all her moments of pain into moments she will cherish forever, all her shattered dreams into reality. I am really proud of my girl who stayed strong despite all the pain you forced upon her and is finally trying to live a life of happiness, which she truly deserves.

I call her my girl but I am still waiting for the day where she'll call me her man. I don't know if that day would ever come, whatever happens, I will always stand by her and never let her fall again in life. Love should never be caged, it should be let free and if your love is true, you will surely have it with you one day. If this is true, then I know one day she will be mine and I will be hers.

The guy who knows how to value his girl.

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