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My Marriage Is Dead And My Only Chance Of Escape Is Also Gone Now

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This small story of mine can be a saviour for another girl. It has now been ten years since I got married and I am still living with the person whom I don’t want to live with. It all started ten years back. I met a guy, we got into a relationship and it went on for a year and a half. We decided to get married. But we would fight quite a lot before marriage. There was definitely love though. I felt like he was just being possessive and it was only out of love. It seemed like he was just too loving and caring.

But you can never tell when a man changes. He changed after marriage, all he wants me to do is housework and sit and rot. I left my career for him. After marriage, he did not let me focus on my profession, just so that I do not talk to anybody nor step out of his house nor be social.

The thing with us women is that we sometimes dumb ourselves in the name of love to the point of no avail. I always thought that I am now stuck. He was not the person whom I loved, anymore. Meanwhile, the years passed and our misunderstandings increased too. He claimed that I had been intimate with each and every guy friend of mine. I freaked out and stopped talking to my friends. We had a baby girl. I thought that after the baby he would not blame me for such stupid things but it continued for 5-6 years. I cannot stand up for myself even now because I am not independent enough to walk out. There must be so many women out there like me.

Seriously girls, please do not make the mistake I did. Do not jump into marriage because of factors like time. Thoroughly analyze every aspect before you decide to commit to someone. Some times love is an illusion.

I have two children now but yet there is no bonding with my husband. I am living like a free mate in his house. I am a housewife, but I receive no love or respect from him. Every woman deserves love and respect. Men favour their moms a lot which is okay sometimes but not all the time.

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