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My Journey Through Suicidal Thoughts...

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The news of Sushant Singh's suicide brought back memories from a decade ago. Memories of someone who didn't want to live any longer. Someone who wished to end her life for the simplest of reasons. In my life, I was deemed a failure.

People took their lives for a variety of reasons, but one thing they all had in common was that they all lost their dreams. There is no harm in dreaming; everyone does it. The issue emerges when our dreams take over our lives.
I always dreamt of marrying my boyfriend. I fantasised about marrying him and building my whole life with him. A minor fight with him would make me want to end my life. The reason for these thoughts was that I was afraid that if he left me or we split up, my aspirations would be dashed. I couldn't picture my life if my lover weren't there.

I am not a clairvoyant, but the dreams we create around ourselves greatly impact the decisions we make in our lives. We immerse ourselves in them to the point where we forget about our real lives and the people in them.

We don't build things step by step but rather achieve the target and then design how to build them.
Students die by suicide because they cannot pass the IIT entrance. I will explain the reason in depth why they do what they do. 

In one dream, the student imagined his entire life. He began spending his life in that specific fantasy. That desire of his became a reality for him. The admission exam was his only need to reach his desired destination, and he failed it. This became a basis for his suicide because he never considered a life beyond that.

It is not that those who die by suicide are unaware of what will happen to their loved ones when they die. For many, their aspirations have already taken precedence over their loved ones. The tiniest thing that takes people away from their ideal greatly impacts them.

What helped me during the bad phase of my life was reassurance. My best friend reassured me day and night that life is far better outside of my fantasy world. It worked at times and did not at others. When it didn't, I used to injure myself severely.
But, thankfully, her reassurance worked for me the majority of the time. That is why I am here today, writing about my experience as a mother with a child and a loving spouse.

My suggestion to individuals who wish to help those in the same situation is to show them a life beyond their wildest dreams. They are completely unaware that it exists.

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