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My In-Laws Blame My For My Husband's Affairs Because I Can't Give Him Kids...

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I’m 28-years-old, originally from Chennai. I finished my engineering, and I’m now a homemaker. 
I’m here to talk about my difficult marriage.  

I’m the only child of my parents, and growing up, I had a very lonely childhood because both my parents were working, and I seldom saw them. 
Once I was of marriageable age, my parents began looking for a decent partner for me.

Someone who would be from a well-established and educated family.

Personally, I just wanted this man to be my best friend. 

And that is how I fell in love with my best friend. It didn’t take me long to see that I was the one who was working hard to keep our relationship going. He was solely interested in my money. 
A few tough months later, I broke up with him and met another man, let’s call him my Prince Charming - because he truly was everything I had dreamed of. 

When I spoke about him to my parents, they were against my love and the marriage since he was neither settled nor educated. I fought so hard to persuade them, but my parents simply judged me for loving another person a few months after breaking up with my best friend...
I left my property and house, signing it all away and left empty-handed to marry my Prince Charming. We had a simple wedding.

But that's when my life turned into a nightmare. My in-laws severely abused me with their stupid traditions and customs, and it's been three years since I don’t have a kid and no help from my parents. My husband had multiple affairs and continues to blame me for my past and for not having given him a child.

Life is unfair now. It isn’t the way I’ve ever imagined it. I left my career, my parents, my friends, and my family for a man who abandoned me after only three years of marriage. 
Now I'm lost. I fell into a severe depression since my parents were not ready to accept me.

I’m trying to adjust myself in this hell. I hope this will end soon.

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