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My Husband Has No Time to Spend with His Family, Who Is to Blame?

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Today’s world turns man into a machine, and that brings me to share a story that has had a profound effect on our lives. My then-fiance was working with a private company. We got married, settled, and ensured that we had a home. Like the majority of Mumbaikars, we have also taken home loans. He ensured we remained united, earning enough to pay off these loans and live beautifully. He endured to keep me and our family very happy, handling even the petty things in a beautiful way.

All in all, he was a hero. I motivated him to get a new job with a better pay scale to improve their quality of life. Luckily, he got a job in an organisation—a good one in the market
Days passed, he completed his training, and he actually started to be productive, forced to work for 12–15 hours daily. The work of 60 people was done by 20 of them, with a 2-year bond. His entire team shared the frustration, and some members began to abscond.

Working under tremendous pressure with no motivation and extra-logged working hours left no time for his personal life.
He had no time to speak to his family either. Shift timings started at 6 in the morning and had no end. To reach the office at 6, he has to leave home by approximately 4:30 by railway.

You all may ask Why is he not switching? The hunt is on. I would only say that this may not be the correct time. I am hoping for the best to happen and wishing him good luck.

My point here is: Why can't people be reasonable? Why are we expecting normal human beings to work like machines? Why are we not giving space to employees, especially in a private firm? Why are people not motivated to perform? Why are we still following the old-school techniques? Why are we the reason for mental pressure, not only for the employees but also for his family of four (parents and wife)?

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