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I Was Used So That The Real 'Special Someone' Could Get Jealous

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Boys aren’t bad always, there are some girls who are bad too. Here’s my story, it’s hard to believe, but it’s a true one. I’m a 23-year-old man, a former medical student, now a graduate who has completed my internship and I’m now preparing for my post-graduation.

I was, well am, a simple guy since the beginning of my MBBS course. I kept to myself and focused only on my studies. I didn’t really bother about what was happening around me and had a few friends then. My life was quite monotonous, but I liked it. One day, I began receiving messages from an unknown girl, this happened when I was about to give my final year exams.

The message began with, “Hey, can we be friends?” to, “I really want to talk to you…”, to, “Hey, can we go out?” to suddenly messages like, “You know, we can be more than friends!”, “I like you more than I should.” All this time, I was unaware of who this person was and my replies to her were brief, up to the point and just polite, basically.

Soon, I found out that she was a junior from my college. That girl had literally stalked me, wherever I went. She knew my whole schedule, including the knowledge about how I spent my leisure time and my lecture timings, classes, clinics, home address, everything. She began leaving gifts and chocolates outside my clinics.

I asked some of my friends about thus and they told me that she doesn’t seem nice, while some said that I should just go with the flow.

Since I was new to all of this, I decided to go with the flow and one day, when she asked me to meet her in the evening for snacks, I agreed. We met at a common location and headed over there. On the way, she received a call and she suddenly stopped me from talking. I ignored it, but felt like something suspicious was going on.

That day, we had a very normal conversation and I tried not to get too close to her. We began texting after this date and before I knew it, I fell for her. A few days later, we decided to meet somewhere again.

This time when we were out, she got a call from someone who was named, “My Love” on her phone. I left that place in ten minutes, I was disturbed. I cut down my texting and from the next day, I stopped talking to her entirely.

A few days later, she texted me and told me that there was a guy from her batch, whom she was friends with for around three years now and that he had asked her out and she was dating him. I sent her a one-line reply, “Good for you.”

When she replied, I realized that she was only using me to make her boyfriend jealous. I was shocked that a girl could hear someone this badly.

After this conversation, we never spoke. But her boyfriend and his friends began following me around. One day, after a night shift I noticed them following me again. The next day, I left at 10 am, just to be safe.

I realized that she had spread some rumours about me. She told people that I was the one who forced her to go out with her that evening and that she couldn’t say no to me because she was worried about what I would do.

My entire reputation was destroyed in seconds. I thought that I should do something to hurt her reputation too, but my level of maturity in these things didn’t allow me to fall to her level. Of course, it didn’t help that she was also the daughter of one of our professors and her aunt was the dean of our college with strong political connections. I couldn’t risk my internship or future because of this girl and I was emotionally tortured and humiliated in public because of her.

This left a huge impact on my life and it changed the way I look at the world and also women. I’m surprised that girls have this horrible stories to share about horrible men, but there’s another side to this coin and everyone should know of this too.


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