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I Was Ready To Leave My Family For My Lover: This Is How I Had To Pay For It

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Love is not as it seems. It's painful, damn painful. When the one you loved so much betrays you so coldly and when he leads a happy life just in front of your stupid life, it feels like torture. This is my story.

I had the worst privilege of falling in love with a senior in college The funny part is that all this happened after I was done with my course. We were friends on Facebook and that's how all this happened.

When my inferiority complex of being fat with no romantic relationship on the cards was igniting a wild fire in my heart is when we met.

Our relationship went on for 4 years until the day he started to distance himself from me. Whenever we talked about marriage, he used to scuttle from the topic saying he have debts and obligations to his family and he couldn't bring me into his mess. He even blocked me from Whatsapp once and one day I found his profile picture with a girl in his arms.

When I confronted him, he told me he was dating a woman who is working in UAE and they were going to get married. The guy who was not ready to marry me was suddenly engaged when he met a better prospect.

Well, his wife is beautiful and rich. He got everything. It was so shocking when he said, "I have to keep up my dignity in front of my friends. You are not good for me." His last words to me through on a text were - "Between us it's over”. After 4 years of our relationship that was based on trust and sincerity, he just left me for another woman who he thought would give him a secure future.

I still can't believe I was ready to leave my family to have a life with him.

So my dear traitor,

The pain you have caused me is unbearable and I know it has scarred me for life, but I wish you a happy life. Because it was my decision to trust you and you proved me wrong. After all, there is a saying — karma takes its toll.

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