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I'm India's First Transgender Beauty Contest Winner. This Is How I Made It.

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*For representational purpose only.
Hello, I am Nitasha Biswas. I am India's first transgender beauty contest winner, and Miss Australia 2019. This is my story... 

Well, life has so much to offer us in a certain time frame. That's just what I've explored since childhood. Knowing the state of the challenges I faced in my young days taught me so much, and shaped me into the person I am today. I was rejected by friends and immediate family who didn't want to have me around because I wanted to be the person I was in- Be the true self that has driven the woman I am today. 

I believe everyone has a journey to share and inspire one and another; that is exactly what I have done. I've shared my life with people to let them know how tough it is to be in the wrong body since childhood. It's a fight that is fought as if I would open my eyes to life every day that goes by. I am proud of the person I have nurtured and I give those wings to my dreams. I always wanted to thrive my way through my career. A negative force just won’t stop me as I knew my zeal. Education is the strongest weapon to change this world.

My determination and concentration have not allowed me to circumvent anything but to see who I wanted to be. I was told that I was wrong and the people who left me did not realize that there was nothing wrong. I just wanted to live my own life. But yes, I finally got the courage to make the transition and to be the person I am today. 

I am proud of the person I have nurtured and I give those wings to my dreams. 

Thus, everything that an individual does outside of the regular flow is taboo and undesirable in most cases. Similarly, when I wanted to change and live my true identity, I didn't have any expectations from people. Not many of my friends left me or laughed at me when they thought I was out of my mind. But I knew what I had to do with the strength and concentration of the strings that allowed me to be where I am today with pride.

Changing myself, of course, wasn't easy to go through. The rigorous hormonal treatments itself was a tumultuous race, followed by a gender change from the experience of my true self. I always feared the reaction of the company. I had this constant fear of not being able to evolve with this so-called society we created. But over time, that's the goal I had all along, and living my true identity is such comfort and gives me contentment. 

I think everybody should follow and do whatever gives you comfort and greets you as a good human.

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