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I'm A Muslim, And I Made The Mistake Of Falling In Love With A Hindu... Twice

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*For representational purpose only.
So much regret... How could I just commit the same mistake twice and do so knowingly? 
My father passed away when I was 17, and I experienced life's hardships. I decided to provide money and respect to my family. That's all, nothing more. After facing many challenges, I finished my MBA and reached Bangalore.

I am a Muslim girl, and fate led me to a job at an MNC, where I crossed paths with him. We were great friends and eventually fell in love. He is a Hindu. 
We were together for two years. He was too good but very possessive.

While my mother embraced the idea of our wedding, his family, unfortunately, denied it due to religious issues.

One day, after dropping me back from the office, he said, "Today is the last day we are going to be together." It broke my heart; he told me he'd be getting married to a relative.
I couldn't believe this, and like how it happens in Bollywood movies, I expected that my love was true and he would come back to me. To my foolishness, I waited up until his wedding day.

Little did I realise that he had already changed, both for her and for me as well. The story ends there. I was shattered completely, I changed my job to escape from his thoughts. 

It took me a year to come out of it. I met new friends, and they were incredible, and then the last mistake occurred. I fell for one of my friends, who once again is a non-Muslim. 
One day, I gathered all my courage and proposed to him, but he didn't agree and said things wouldn't work for us. I was okay with it, but with time, we got very close. My days would start with his message and end with his call. 

We used to share everything, and once he fell sick, I went to see him at his house, and there he proposed to me. We kissed the best moments of my life, and somewhere, I felt he was the one as he was strong in nature and thought he would never leave me. 
But things didn't work out again, as his family didn’t accept us, but we still didn’t leave each other.

But somehow, one fine day he met a girl suggested by his family, and he agreed the very next day for the wedding.

Guess what? He sent me a text with her picture. That’s how I found out about her.
My life shattered again, and this time, I couldn't take it. I am broken and trying to heal from this. Every day, I feel anxious and cry like hell. I see him being very happy and moving on with his life, and this makes me feel as if I never existed. 

This time, I also made my mom cry. I really don't know where I went wrong. For the first time, someone's happiness is hurting me so much. 
I'm simply praying to God to help me overcome this heartbreak and return to living a normal life, even though it feels incredibly difficult.

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