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I Loved My Sister And This Is How She Betrayed Me But I Still Can’t Believe It

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I live in a small family with my parents and sister. I love my sister a lot and we behave more like friends than sisters.

But one day, I realized all this was fake. My sister had many casual relationships with boys but I never told my parents because I don’t want to complain about her. I didn’t realize it was the biggest mistake of my life.

When I got into a serious relationship with a guy who I wanted to marry, I told my sister about it. We shared everything with each other. What I did not realize was that she would tell my mother about it.

I found out about this when she left her husband’s house with her 3-year-old daughter just to marry a guy who she had an affair with. She lied to us and told us that her husband was torturing her and that’s why she couldn’t live with him.

She lied to mom about her husband because she wanted to run away with her lover. I didn’t say anything then as well because I thought it was her personal matter. Then I found out that she had been telling mom about my fake relationships and how I'd had physical relationships with other guys.

I was so shocked to hear all this. How could my own sister do this to me?

Then days passed and I thought maybe my sister had changed now. I am married and my sister lives with my parents. She has filed for a divorce. She had some health issues so I called her to my place in Delhi to look after her because mom was unable to handle everything on her own.

When my sister came to my place, she wanted to meet her boyfriend and called him over. My husband didn't like all this so mom tried to make her understand but she still went and met him.

One day she was talking to mom and didn’t realize I was standing behind her. I was shocked when I heard her call me “characterless”. I was heartbroken because I loved her so much and never complained about her.

Now I realize why mom used to be upset with me for no reason. I don’t know if I can ever forgive her for this.


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