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I Gave Up My Love For Revenge And It Ruined Me

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It was 2013, and I was in 12th standard. From the last 4 years, I was in a relationship with a girl. She was beautiful, intelligent and had a great character. She always used to top the class. In this 21st century, I can just say that she was an angel who was perfect in everything.

But during the beginning of our 12th grade, something really bad happened with me and due to that, I chose the wrong path- to avenge the injustice happened to me.

As a result, my attention towards her has slightly deviated. I wasn’t able to give enough time to her. I couldn't meet her often as she lived in Delhi and I, in Ranchi. But, I managed to meet her in a month.

However, due to distance related issues and my distractions, she started to think that I had lost interest in her. Around the same time, my batchmate Ashwin took advantage of the situation. He manipulated her by telling her that I had issues to deal with and that I needed space and had to get away from her. I couldn’t keep a check on the things because I was immersed in my own world to get revenge for what has been done to me and went spiraling down into the black hole. We met for one last time and I thought I would be able to convince her, but she went away.

I lost everything from then on. I failed the 12th boards, lost one of my friends, lost my love, everything.

I am not the kind of guy who could just move on. But she did, with some one else.

He cheated on her though, and she came back to me. She was in touch with me earlier as a friend, but wanted to get back after being cheated on. But it was too late, because I gave up on people and just wanted to live alone.

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