All The Wrong Decisions In My Life Led Me To The Right Person And That's My Story

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 16 August, 2017

I was in the tenth standard when my dad, unfortunately, met with an accident and had severe injuries.

I, my mother and my sister felt as though we had lost everything. We then shifted to a small house. Everything seemed new as we went from riches to rags. I used to buy rice everyday as we couldn't afford to store grains.

A guy named Surya often followed me. He tried talking to me. I was afraid. He continued smiling and asking about me. I was angry and shouted at him, warning him not to follow me again. When he didn't listen to me, I asked him to meet me face to face.


Instead of shouting at him, I ended up talking nicely. I liked him. But this love was dangerous. Parents got to know followed by my house arrest, counselling, blackmailing and beating me.

I went to college in the morning and worked in the evening. It went on for 7 years. One fine day his mother came to our house and started verbally abusing my parents. She accused me of sleeping with a son for money. Until then I didn’t even know that he was rich. My father slapped me.

While I was trying to sort out things, I got to know that he was kidnapped by his own family. He got forcefully married.

He met me after three months and said that he will get divorced and marry me. This went on for two years. He fixed a date and promised to get married to me. We went shopping and I bought his blazer, shoes etc for our wedding.


I talked to a few close friends about our secret wedding. One of my friends, who happened to be Surya's cousin, confronted that he got engaged to another girl. I believed only when I saw his engagement pictures. He was decked up in all the things bought by me.

I let him go after confessing it to my parents who supported me. As we belonged to the same place, I got to face him often. I first saw him with his wife and then I with his kid. I didn't wish to spoil their life. I also got to know that he had simply lied to me about his kidnap. He did try to get me back in his life but I didn't agree.

A couple of years passed and I met an ugly guy named Anand. He was my colleague and was interested in me. I went ahead only with the hope to forget Surya. I fought with my parents after two years of our relationship as I thought that nobody will marry me otherwise. Our financial condition was worse.

My parents didn't agree because of his criminal family background. Then I felt he was in a hurry to get intimate with me. I often pushed him as I wasn't in the relationship for sexual gratification but for security and companionship.

I was shocked at how clingy and abusive he got. He started sending abusive messages. He came to my office and forced me to meet him. He came home at night and asked me to hug him and touched me inappropriately.


Finally, when he came home, he told my mother that I am a bad person with low morals. My mother wisely agreed and asked him to stay away from a person like me. He went ahead talking ill about me to all the people around. I was supported by my father and he succeeded in keeping him out of my life.

I started avoiding people and concentrated on my career. Men tried to propose me but I avoided them all. I got my dream job. I got a proposal from a guy was not financially rich, but a great person. He treats me well and keeps me very happy. I don’t know if Surya and Anand regret what they did to me. But I still regret making poor decisions at a young age.

I have learned that the right person will always support and love you and will never make you compromise on anything. He will never keep you hanging. He will never be abusive and forceful.