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A Love Letter To The Girl Who Changed My Life Forever In Just 11 Days

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*For representational purpose only.

I was lonely. I was scared. I felt I was dead inside. But then you came along. Even if it was just for eleven days that we talked for, I don’t know what it was but I felt an instant connection with you. The way you laughed, the way you said my name – everything felt so special. I knew even then that it all seems too good to be true. It was my life after all, it was bound to fail me.

But then, how could I stop my heart from beating for you? No one would ever know how much I loved you. Oh how I missed you every moment that you were away from me.

Every morning that I woke up to see your text, I felt so happy! Whenever I called you and heard your voice, your laughter, it would make my day. I never thought that someone would ever be this special to me. I was sure that you loved me too.

But fate had other plans for us. I wish that nobody goes through what I went through in life.

You do know that you were the best person in my life. You made me a better person. I knew we were meant to part ways one day but I do not know why I still want to be a part of your World. You have no idea what you mean to me. I will always love you. I want you to remember that if someday you feel like there is no one around for you, your Joy will be here for you always. I will miss our talks every single day. But yet I will always pray to God that you get all the happiness in the World. You have given me something which no one ever did, you gave me hope and love.

Your support is the best gift I have ever received. I want to thank you. Believe me, those eleven days were the best days of my life.

Somehow, somewhere, you saved me. You are the best and prettiest girl I know. Oh God, I feel so jealous of your soulmate. I know I don’t deserve this much happiness but those eleven days hold a lifetime’s worth for me. You are and will always remain to be special to me. I will always be by your side, in my thoughts, even when I am away from you. Life is hard. But I was lucky to have you. I will always love you. I want you to be happy always.

I will not bid you adieu. Because in the end, you will always meet me in my heart.

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