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When She Screamed In Labour Pain, She Was Slapped And Dragged To The Bed

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I never personally believed in this saying this as I have many female friends, and we are really close to each other. But you know what? Women are women's worst enemy.

When it comes to my friends, in case of any problem or emergency, we are always there for each other and go an extra mile to help each other irrespective of the consequences. But after marriage, I began to experience things which made me believe that women actually are women's worst enemy.

I always believed that out of the two genders, females are the ones who go through many hardships (biologically) throughout their lives and always expected that they should be given importance and respect. But everybody does not think like that. As the days passed by, I experienced many such situations.

I began to believe that women are so jealous and stone-hearted towards each other that they ignore the pain and agony other women are going through. Even if they have experienced such situations, they can never relate to the other women's pain and agony. One such incident shook me to the core and I kept thinking all night that how can a woman be so cruel towards the other, especially when she has experienced such a situation herself.

I was sitting with a bunch of ladies who happen to be elder than me. We were sharing our delivery experiences and one of the ladies narrated an incident when she was in the hospital post delivery. She said when she was admitted to the hospital post delivery and was on glucose, the lady next to her started screaming loudly as she was in labour. She could not lie down and was roaming all around in the ward screaming loudly. Hearing her scream hospital staff and doctors came, and one of the doctors slapped her many times and dragged her to the bed.

After listening to this, one of the other ladies in our group said that some ladies deliberately do this and make a fuss. They do not even try to bear the pain and create a scene. I was so shocked by this statement and thought, 'How can a lady not sympathize with another especially when she herself is a mother of two?' She had been through the same situation twice! What the hospital staff did was a blunder but instead of condemning their actions, they were backed with such justifications.

I have recently given birth to a beautiful daughter and I have been through this. The process of giving birth is chilling and painful. When she was narrating the incident, I could relate to her as I was also screaming in pain. The sad part is that women are judged at this time also- when they go through one of the most painful experiences of their lives.

Everyone has different tolerance to pain, and we absolutely cannot judge a woman at this time of her life. We are in the 21st century and the society we live in, do not consider women as human. Females suffer biologically and socially and are not allowed to even express what they are going through. If one expresses herself, she is considered as a rebel and everyone stands against her and tries to shut her up. I am ashamed of the society we live in and trying my bit by empowering women around me and educating them about their rights.


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