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This Is How My Mother-In-Law Is Trying To Keep Me Away From Her Son, I Don't Know What To Do

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*For representational purpose only.

My story is also like most Indian daughters-in-law in our society.

I was born and brought up in a middle class family. My father is a farmer and my mom, a housewife. Even though my parents are not educated, they made sure that my sister and I were provided proper education.

My sister is 8 years younger than me. I finished my engineering from one of the top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, it was like a dream come true. I also got placed in a top automobile company where I worked for two and a half years. Then my parents started to consider marriage proposals. I was around 25 then. Even though it felt a little early to me, I agreed because I respected their decision.

So everything was fixed and I got married. My husband was a businessman in Bangalore so I had to leave my job because he couldn't have shifted to Pune because of his business. I agreed to move with him.

My husband is the only child. His family is also well-settled. Everything was good for at least 6 months, there were a few initial hiccups but both of us ignored the small issues.

Most issues happened because of his mother but I thought since my husband was the only son, she was possessive about him.

She didn't even allow us to sit together, I ignored these things. The actual problem started when some astrologer said to my mother-in-law that I should conceive in the next two months because otherwise there will be no pregnancy for the next 4 years.

She said that to my husband but he himself didn't want a child for the next 1 or 2 years. I also agreed. One, because of his business and two because I was only 25. When my husband informed me about this matter, we had a discussion. I said we can't let an astrologer make the biggest decisions of our lives. My husband discussion this with his mother.

After two months I got a call from my dad saying my mother-in-law had called him and said that, "Your daughter is not ready for a child" and she asked my father to talk to me. This happened after 6 months of our marriage but in these 6 to 7 months my mother-in law had not once called my mother or father to talk. I ignored that also. She didn't even try talking to me before calling my father.

After 6 months I conceived and things were back to normal. She used to call me unlucky, I still used to talk to her nicely. Things like this came up every now and then. She started to say things like my jewels were small and that my mother didn't have good taste. These things started to create small issues between me and my husband.

All our problems started because of her but things got more tense after my daughter was born. She started to say that my daughter wouldn't study properly and she was not lucky for my husband. Now things are getting worse by the day. My husband always said that he had asked my mother-in-law to stop talking like that but she didn't listen.

Nowadays her complaints are getting intense but she makes sure that nobody is listening when she's talking to me. I don't know what to say or do anymore. Just last week my husband and I had a big fight because of her. 

Even my mother-in-law's relatives say that she is a home wrecker because she did the same thing to her brother. Her brother is a divorcee now with two kids. Now she is not talking to him either. He recently got remarried and she did the same thing again. She made her brother's daughter say to her step mother that she wanted to sleep in the same room as them. Now that lady left my mother-in-law's brother.

Because of everything I've heard, I'm very scared and confused to decide whether my mother-in-law is doing these things just to separate me from my husband. She doesn't even allow my husband to sleep in the same room with us saying that my daughter might disturb his sleep. I am literally confused about how to tackle her right now.

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