Our Horoscopes Didn't Match But We Still Got Married. This Is The Most Aliveness We've Felt.

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 2 June, 2018

I have a classic love story - the Two States type. I belong to a Tamil Brahmin family and he belongs to a typical no-veg eating Bihari family. We worked in different cities and had been sent for training to a common location for a year. That's where it all started. The friendship, the jealousy, the denial and the acceptance. We went back to our respective cities to get on with our jobs and we tried our hand at a long-distance relationship. We would fight because we hardly met or spent time with each other. Our shifts were at different times of the day, so we couldn't be on the phone much.

Weekends were the only times when we could talk leisurely. I survived the whole week as I knew Sundays were our "Skype chat days".

When he was unavailable on Sundays, I would get mad at him and a small issue would turn into a huge fight. Not being able to see the person you love daily or not being able to speak to him whenever you want is very disheartening. The long-distance relationship really tested our patience and our bond. Two years passed by and we knew it was time to break the news to our families, both of which were totally against love marriage.


For two more years, we pleaded with them, we begged, we fought, we threatened to run away but nothing worked. We knew that if we were able to stand rock solid throughout the four years of our long distance and if we could stand strong amidst the pressure put by our respective families, together we could face most of the other things that life threw at us.

We were adamant on our decision to not get married at all, if our parents wouldn't get us married to each other.

Somehow, both the families agreed to meet each other and consider our bond. They had their own doubts given the typical Indian families that we belong to, they took our horoscopes for matching.

To our dismay, they didn't match. But we didn't move an inch backward on our decision.

Slowly, by God's grace, our parents agreed to get us married. It's been a few months that we are married now but I'm still scared that all the bad horoscope stuff would affect us someday. But my faith in God is much stronger than what the astrologer had told our parents. I hope we have the blessings of all you readers and nothing untoward happens in the future and we live happily ever after!

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