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My Brother Got Married Out Of Religion But I Had To Let The Love Of My Life Go, All Because I Was Adopted

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I was a girl with many dreams but due to financial problems I started working at a very small age.

I had no support from my parents on the side of getting me educated. The only person whom I was attached with, was my brother but he changed after he got married. My sister in law behaved very badly with me. She would often not give me food and hide up food stuff. Since I was earning, I used to buy my own things.

As I was an adopted child things were always partial. Then I met a boy at the age of 19. I was very much attracted to him. Gradually we began to talk to each other and fell in love to a very great extent. I thought this is the best thing to happen to me. He helped me in every problem. And I also promised him that we'll always be together.

One day my parents got to know about us. They used to say lot of filthy things but I never listened to them. I never thought that they will be against our wedding as my brother had married inter religion. I being a Christian and he being a Hindu, no one agreed. They made all efforts to break our relationship and emotionally tortured me. They started behaving very nicely with me suddenly.

So I told him that I can't get married to you. He broke, just like me. It was a very difficult situation. He would ask me to run away from the house but I couldn't. After 1 year his parents and my parents started forcing us to get married. We still talked to each other but he only used to get angry with me and sometimes abuse me for it.

Now, he is married to a girl who he doesn't like and I'll be getting married after a few months. But still, we love each other a lot and we still talk to each other. The only thing is that when we used to meet before we used to always laugh. We were the perfect couple for others. But now, whenever we meet we have tears in our eyes.

I wish I had taken the step to marry him. I never wanted to hurt anyone but I hurt my own love so much. I feel like dying. Deep inside, it is so painful that I cannot express.

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