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I'm Tired Of Your Biases Ruining My Life At Every Step Of The Way

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I was stereotyped since the day I was born.

Yes! It is true that we are put in little boxes by people since the day we born. Even by parents.

"Our kid will become a doctor, our kid will become an astronaut, our kid will become an engineer!"

Come on, please at least let the kids live their childhood. Let them decide what they want to become. Why force your dreams on them? First, see the interest of the kid, then help him pursue his career.

When a woman gives birth, she's judged. How will she manage to raise the kid? She did not do it before, no?

Isn't it funny to listen? Which mother knows how to raise a kid on the first day of motherhood! She naturally started learning to raise the kid, as she took her kid in her arms. She is the best person to raise her kid. Every mother knows why her child is crying, it is not every time that the others have to shout, "Feed the child, he is hungry!" I mean, there could be some other reason also.

You cannot judge her for not caring for the meals of the kid. She absolutely knows about her kid's hunger cycle.

The dads of the kids are also judged. If the dad of a kid works late hours, he is judged that he has lost interest in his wife, he is careless to ignore how his wife is raising his child. Excuse me!! She gave birth to his child. Who are you to complain about raising their own kid? She is the mother of that kid. Her husband works late because he feels more responsible now after having the child. He is working hard for the better upbringing of his child. Not because he has lost his interest in his wife.

He doesn't care what happens in a day because he trusts his wife. Because he knows that whatever his wife does, will be for the betterment of their kid. Stop judging him as it could be their decision with mutual understanding by dividing responsibilities.

Lots of other things in one's life are judged.

Got into a reputed university? You must have paid for your seat! Got a raise in your job? Must be the "Sifaarish". Did not cry in your bidaai? You must be heartless!

If you're a working wife, please put a CCTV camera in your house to show people you can run the house, maybe. You might still not be allowed to take part in a family discussion, though.

But if you always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, why did you study so much?

Of course, I've also been judged cruelly. But I will only accept criticism if someone is willing to walk in my shoes!

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