I Found My Perfect Match On A Matrimonial Site But What Happened Next Scarred Me For Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 15 May, 2017

I still regret the day I accepted his request on shaadi.com.

It all started when I desperately wanted to settle down because my so-called friends and relatives started saying it’ll get harder for me to find someone with each passing day. I was 29 then.

His profile stated that it was managed by his parents; this was only the first lie. After the first meeting, everything seemed extraordinary. I was on cloud nine. I had been working as a hospitality professional and we planned to get married soon. He told me we’ll move to another country after marriage and that he was making good money working as the sales and marketing manager.

How stupid was I to believe him. I guess love makes you do stupid things. And I took this stupidity to another level and let him exploit me mentally, financially and physically.

He kept asking me to help him financially. I sold my jewellery and withdrew some cash from my bank account and gave him a total of 1 lakh Indian Rupees. He promised to return the money before we got married in December. The date was approaching and he was nowhere close to keeping his promise. Later I found out that he had fake visiting cards printed and didn’t even have a job. 

He was a complete fraud. There is an ongoing case against him in his hometown Hyderabad. He is still in touch with me; he is asking me to get married to him and only then will he return my money.

I cannot believe this has happened to me. I don’t know who to trust anymore.