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I Love You But The Way You Treat Women Makes Me Want To Leave You

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Dear Jaana,

You know what? You are my biggest mistake.

Loving you so badly is turning out to be a curse for me. You actually don't deserve the love I feel for you. All you have given me in this one year of our relationship is a pain. I pity myself that your mood and the way you treat me is actually governing my life. You should be ashamed of yourself that I had to literally sleep with you twice just so that you could talk to me like a human.

I really don't understand why you are with me because neither do you love me nor do you need me, except for the so-called physical intimacy we share. I never thought you would do this to me. I don't get it why people act differently when they are getting into a relationship.

You were so different when we met. You acted just the opposite.

Now I must say, you are the worst person to love. Maybe you are a good human. But the way you think about how a female should live her life is just so pathetic. I know you got this from your dad.

I want to tell you that by just not raping a girl or teasing her, you cannot say you respect women.

It's totally your mentality and what you think about a woman that decides whether you respect them or not. And you are way too judgemental towards females that you cannot respect them. I also want to tell you that the way you behave in front of others makes me feel like slapping you because you did the same with me when we met and I started falling for you. But you are actually not what you show yourself to be.

Now when you think of me as your property, I know the real you.

I wish I’d have known this earlier. I wish my life hadn’t ended like this. You killed my soul, my self-respect, my happiness, my dreams, everything. Now, I am just someone you own. And I so want to leave you. But you are not even letting me do that. Every time I tell you how I feel, you start making me feel like a slut. I am just tired of all this.

I really don't know whether I will be happy again in my life or not, but I don't respect you anymore. Yes, I love you. I still love you. I just cannot stop myself from doing that, but I don't want to be with you anymore.

You control me in every possible way. I know this is my fault that I am letting you do this to me but I just cannot control it. I want to get out of this. I so hate you for doing this to me. I wish someday you realise what you have done to me and hope that you would never do the same to any other girl.

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