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I Am A Twenty Six Year Old Widow But My Pain Is Invisible To His Parents

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Life was very beautiful when I got married to the love of my life. But this happiness lasted for only 10 months. The love of my life died in a car accident due to over speeding by his brother. Hell consumed me the day my love went to heaven. My in-laws took away all of my husband’s money within 4 days of his death. All his LIC money, Mediclaim policy money, his bank account balance, his wallet, his phone, everything.

I noticed all this but kept numb as my world was already broken and shattered. I didn’t want to live anymore. They lost a son but by doing this they lost a daughter-in-law too.

Even after this, they wanted me to stay with them to take care of them as they taunted me 1000 times, “your pain is nothing compared to our pain. You lived only for a year with him. We were with him for 29 years.” Really? Do years matter when you lose a husband? A husband is a husband. No girl comes to an unknown family for a time limit. The bond is promised forever till death. With his death within a year, I lost my promise of a lifetime too.

I lost the most beautiful aspect of my life. But my in-laws didn’t understand this.

I decided to leave everything and go to live with my parents. But still, once greedy is always greedy. They continuously called me and spoke disrespectfully to me about my so-called responsibilities towards them. They wanted me to fulfil my responsibility by taking care of them as they had lost a son.

I wish I had the courage to talk back to my mother-in-law and tell her that she has another son and a husband.

If I have any responsibility towards them then they should also fulfil some responsibility towards me by making my future financially and emotionally secure. But I lost my only life. I wish she could understand my situation. They not only spoke bad about me, they also took everything from me. I don’t have a single memory of my husband, and I want them to understand a daughter in law's pain too.

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