How The Married Life I Had Always Dreamt Of Turned Out To Be The Biggest Nightmare Of My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 28 April, 2017

Same as every Indian daughter, I too was the most pampered and dearest kid to my parents and my brother's baby sister. Like most conservatively brought up girls I too dreamt of my Prince Charming and how beautiful my life will be post marriage.

But little did I know that God had designed my married life exactly the opposite to what I had dreamt of. "Suitable guy with suitable family."

The wedding day had arrived and my parents had made every arrangement as per my mother-in-law's demands. Even then she wasn't satisfied. 3000 wedding invitation cards were printed and given to my husband's family for them to distribute to their friends and relatives. As per her wish, my mother-in-law had managed to bring a software engineer for her B.Com.+MBA son.

I was asked to quit my job and without questioning them I did what I was asked to do, assuming that my husband will take care of me and my needs.

Months passed and my mother-in-law started showing her true colors. She always compared me to her daughter and said that "every daughter-in-law knows how to cook but it's only you who doesn't know". Not just cooking but she started commenting on every move I made.

My husband was very close to one of his female colleagues and her then 8-year-old daughter. Ever since I first met her she claimed that her husband was "hospitalised" and it's been 3 years since that day, I have never met her husband.

The closeness between the colleague and my husband made me very uncomfortable and to this day it has not changed. The daughter is all grown up and is in 9th standard now.


9 months to our marriage I conceived and gave birth to a little princess who is my world now. Post delivery I was sent to my mother's place for care and according to my husband's family tradition, I was supposed to stay at my parents' house for at least 9 months. During these 9 months, a lot of distance and misunderstandings happened between me and my husband.

He has built so much hatred against me that all he says is he doesn't want me but he is stuck because of his parents' dignity in the society. He says that it is the only reason why he is adjusting with me.

To the world we are living like husband and wife but I am going through a hell lot of mental trauma, that only my room's walls and my pillows that soak up my tears know.
Author's Note:

Guys, please understand this simple thing. A girl leaves everyone behind her with a blind faith that her husband will be her world. To see you happy she sacrifices all her wishes and dreams and just about everything so that she can dedicate herself to taking care of you, your parents and your family. When she does so much, all you have to do is give her an assurance that — "No matter what I, your husband, will never let you wander away, and will never make you shed a tear."

Editor's Note:

This is how dreams come to die for many Indian girls. Share this story because there's still scope for change!